Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cameras Cameras Cameras - instant collection

Check them out! I even have the forerunner box camera here of the Kodak before they were Kodak! The Emerald it was called. Lots of variety, from early days to whenever!  Selling the lot as one package!  Some still work, some don't. Some historic in photography! I have some brochures,  some original boxes, manuals, leather cases, flash, film etc etc.
There is a lot here, 4 boxes of cameras. Kodak, Kodo, EKC, Brownie, Emerald, Balda, Canon, Ricoh, Yashica, Kodalite, Duraflex, Instamatic, Bolsey, Olympus, Keystone, Rollei,
Walz, tripods, leather cases, straps, flash bulbs, flash guns, mini bulbs. etc etc. Set up your own antique or prop store!  I want to sell it all as one lot! Make an offer!

OR - - - if you work in a photograpy store, and can get your stuff wholesale, I would trade it all for one new Canon T3i with an EFS 18 - 200 IS zoom lens.  You get a low price, so you trade it at the retail price for my stuff. Win win!  For this deal I would throw in the Polaroids too.

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