Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wrestling just as it was becoming Rasslin'.

At the old Exhibition Gardens at Hastings and Renfrew. Cliff parker was the promoter and the wrestling world was just beginning to realize they could make more money with hype and oddball promotion than they could with sport! Here is my scrap book from that 50's era. Just before I started wrestling myself for the Western Sports Center.

The wrestling world was just populating itself with colourful characters, Tarzan Potvin who had two fingers missing on one hand, and we thought, in our early teens and vivid imaginations that he was following us one night! The threatening Germanic Kurt von Poopenheim, cool sleek Luther Lindsay, who looked like that long before steroids were thought of, mad looking Johnny Demchuck, Bud Rattal, and the Masked Marvel! We went to see Gorgeous George once and he threw gold 'Georgy Pins' into the audience! And then again saw World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz and were amazed at his quickness and awe inspiring strength. Strangler Lewis was his mentor.
And yes, after the crowd had left I crept to the ring and found those hairs from Johnny Cretoria's beard which his opponent had pulled causing him such pain! Life was simple then yet changing to the farce of today.

This memorabilia for sale at $50.


Kasper said...

Curious: is the guy in the lower left corner, where you can't see the name, Bud Rattal?

rescue said...

That would be Bud Rattal, yes.