Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kodak Instamatic 104

Now this here is a prize. In the original box, containing a box of film unopened, original container, flashcube, unwrapped original batteries, the original manual and the shiny Kodak 104 camera! With strap! What more do you need? Ansel Adams never had it so good.
A true collectors item for old camera buffs. Um ... I don't mean the buffs are old, just the camera, er... on second thought, most of you old camera buffs aren't really buff anymore, are you?
Too much time in the darkroom.
Make an offer ....

I also have about 40 other older cameras ranging from early Kodak foldout Sixes, Box Brownies, to 35mm Bolseys and Duraflex IIIs to Polariod J33s and SX70s, with bags, straps, manuals, brochures, flashguns, bulbs, light meters, 8mm movie cameras, tripods. Contact me by email for complete list of items for sale. net.ex@hotmail.com
Sell as a complete lot too. Make an offer?

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