Saturday, February 19, 2011

Four eyes?

You could be 12 eyes if you want. yes people do collect this kind of thing. Glasses. kind of neat ones actually. Are you an actor? Need some variety for those crucial auditions? This is the place to come. You'll get a call-back with these. Only $50 takes them all, old cleaning cloths and cases too. We'll watch for you on TV. Or not.
Now where'd I put my glasses?

Old wrist watches

Old watches, ladies wrist watches. 6 pack for $60. obo Add to your collection.

Really old shaving kits

Old old old! The straight razor says 'Electric Fine Razor' on the blade, Edwards Sons Co. Comes in the Made in Italy case. The green thingy has the strop steel for the blade.
The little metal case (with leather inside) has the safety razor in 3 parts that assemble. Made of bronze I think.  The wrapped blades say 'King Gillette' on the package. Nice  find this if you like shavy stuff.
$50 takes it all.

Players Navy Cut Cigarettes

Not really, not sure what they were for but they're wee lil plastic ciggies. Maybe for lil people?  Anyone know why they made these? Anyway they are old. 3 packs for $25.

Polaroid Cameras

I have an old J33 and two SX70s, one is the Alpha 1. And look at the accessories!  The J33 even still has the goo stick and brochures! SX 70s have film, flash array, and lens shade, close-up lens, self timer and flash diffuser! Both in perfect working order. Make an offer.

Bamboo ladder

No you can't climb it. It's a decor item, makes a great towel rack in a bathroom, or???
$50.  You don't even have to shower if you don't want to.

Cameras Cameras Cameras - instant collection

Check them out! I even have the forerunner box camera here of the Kodak before they were Kodak! The Emerald it was called. Lots of variety, from early days to whenever!  Selling the lot as one package!  Some still work, some don't. Some historic in photography! I have some brochures,  some original boxes, manuals, leather cases, flash, film etc etc.
There is a lot here, 4 boxes of cameras. Kodak, Kodo, EKC, Brownie, Emerald, Balda, Canon, Ricoh, Yashica, Kodalite, Duraflex, Instamatic, Bolsey, Olympus, Keystone, Rollei,
Walz, tripods, leather cases, straps, flash bulbs, flash guns, mini bulbs. etc etc. Set up your own antique or prop store!  I want to sell it all as one lot! Make an offer!

OR - - - if you work in a photograpy store, and can get your stuff wholesale, I would trade it all for one new Canon T3i with an EFS 18 - 200 IS zoom lens.  You get a low price, so you trade it at the retail price for my stuff. Win win!  For this deal I would throw in the Polaroids too.

Kawai piano

Great design. Bought new in family. Wonderful tone. This piano is a compliment to any decor. Bench with storage included. Black satin finish. Canadian spruce sounding board. Japanese quality. And the last of the REAL IVORY keys! Well looked after. $2000.

Antique Pathe record player

Very old. Reconditioned once and turned into a wine cabinet but I have the shelves. Inside is perfect. Great looking piece. Pathe was the cream over the Victrola.  $200.

click to enlarge

Canon A-1 film camera with lenses etc.

Fantastic camera!  A-1 professional quality for someone who knows film is still better than digital card photography and wants to keep it going.
reg lens - FD 50 mm 1:.1.8
Zoom lenses  FD- 35 - 70 mm - - -  FD 70 - 210 mm - - - FD 100 - 300 mm 1:5.6
teleconverter Vivitar 2X-4
Canon power winder  A
original manual and a strong hard leather case

Everything in perfect condition - all for $500.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

interested in anything here?

email me at - - all items on these pages are for sale. I can no longer hide them in a storage locker, someone should have the appreciation of our past and the enjoyment of something that shaped whatever small history follows us into a stormy future.

Little Boxes made of Ticky-tacky?

Nope! These are real Cuban wood or real English tin or whatever. Some celebrating panatellas others celebrating the arrival of the Queen in 1939. You could put ticky-tacky IN them if you liked. Or candy. Or your stash.
If you wanted all these I could probably find a few more for the same price.

Wrestling just as it was becoming Rasslin'.

At the old Exhibition Gardens at Hastings and Renfrew. Cliff parker was the promoter and the wrestling world was just beginning to realize they could make more money with hype and oddball promotion than they could with sport! Here is my scrap book from that 50's era. Just before I started wrestling myself for the Western Sports Center.

The wrestling world was just populating itself with colourful characters, Tarzan Potvin who had two fingers missing on one hand, and we thought, in our early teens and vivid imaginations that he was following us one night! The threatening Germanic Kurt von Poopenheim, cool sleek Luther Lindsay, who looked like that long before steroids were thought of, mad looking Johnny Demchuck, Bud Rattal, and the Masked Marvel! We went to see Gorgeous George once and he threw gold 'Georgy Pins' into the audience! And then again saw World Heavyweight Champion Lou Thesz and were amazed at his quickness and awe inspiring strength. Strangler Lewis was his mentor.
And yes, after the crowd had left I crept to the ring and found those hairs from Johnny Cretoria's beard which his opponent had pulled causing him such pain! Life was simple then yet changing to the farce of today.

This memorabilia for sale at $50.

Way back when - BC Electric Company

OLD - even a Motorman's Manual from 1947 and a program for the BC Electric Golden Jubilee! That would have been fun in those days of innocence! Remember the Buzzer?
My Mom started during the war as a conductor of street cars and ended up as the first woman bus driver in BC with a route! The patches go from the old BC Electric to BC Hydro.
Open to offers on it all!

Other BC Electric mementos available.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kodak Instamatic 104

Now this here is a prize. In the original box, containing a box of film unopened, original container, flashcube, unwrapped original batteries, the original manual and the shiny Kodak 104 camera! With strap! What more do you need? Ansel Adams never had it so good.
A true collectors item for old camera buffs. Um ... I don't mean the buffs are old, just the camera, er... on second thought, most of you old camera buffs aren't really buff anymore, are you?
Too much time in the darkroom.
Make an offer ....

I also have about 40 other older cameras ranging from early Kodak foldout Sixes, Box Brownies, to 35mm Bolseys and Duraflex IIIs to Polariod J33s and SX70s, with bags, straps, manuals, brochures, flashguns, bulbs, light meters, 8mm movie cameras, tripods. Contact me by email for complete list of items for sale.
Sell as a complete lot too. Make an offer?

Spanish wool bedspread

Made by small cottage industry in Mijas, Spain. Eye catching design that is dramatic, unique and colourful as the Spanish personality. Reversible too, fits queen size. Brand new, only been shown as display. If Ernie Hemingway was in Spain today, he'd be siestaing under one of these.

click to enlarge

Would you offer $200?

Spanish filigree silver

Hand crafted in Spain, real silver filigree as deliate as Spanish lace.

The workmanship is wonderful, intricate and exquisite! Real silver, made by beautiful Spanish ladies. They can't make a machine to do this!

Noches espaƱolas, y estrellas espaƱolas, plata refleja en sus ojos. Ah Espana!
offers ... we have several pieces, buy it all at $100.

click to enlarge

Ukelele deal

" ... If you like a ukelele lady, ukelele lady like a you ....."
How much easier could it be? Is Fletcher Christian around here somewhere?
Well look at this, a little ukelele, sort of made of hardboard or something. Stradie never ever made these things. Sounds pretty good though ....
But wait! Here's the real deal ... an Islander Uke Chord Master! You got Artheritus? Just press the buttons. Easy! Standard tuning too. I think it belonged to some girl named Pat Pending, I see it enscribed on there.
Make an offer ...
" .... If you like to linger where it's shady, ukelele lady linger too ..." Do I hear $60. for this Hawaiian chick magnet?

Liqueur Bottles galore

About 150 here, most of them still sealed with the liqueur or liquor inside!
Could be a Sunday of nipping into the stash while watching any game from football to foosball to cricket! Or just displaying them over your bar. Many unique designs and colours here. They must be worth thousands of dollars! We'll take lesser offers though.
We have other close-ups if you need more looksee ...

Try the scotch and toss me some caber, will ya?

We take no responsibility for hangovers. Old Bromo Seltzer doesn't work.
We take cash for the bottles though, how about $140 for the lot?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By Samuel L. Clemens. Illustrated. The Goldsmith Publishing Company - Chicago - New York
That Mark Twain guy better look out, he musta stole his story from this Clemens guy!
Hard cover, 412 pages, all browned with age, but very good condition, print is clear. No references to Mark Twain. 18 illustrations - initials EWK at first one. Explanatory at beginning about dialects used. Inside writing - “Merry Christmas to Adolph, from Mrs Warn 1940" Didn't Adolph also get Poland for Christmas in 1940?
One of the most endearing stories ever written.

... but they was pretty close to me then, and sung out and begged me to save their lives - said they hadn't done nothing, and was being chased for it - said there was men and dogs a-coming.

Get two for one, Sanuel Clemens AND Mark Twain for $200.!

Oak side table SOLD

Very attractive English oak side table with sculptured top and barley twist legs. The stone in the corner is feng shui.

In very good condition but the top needs a refinish. Don't put brass candlesticks on it! Maybe a glazed pot of African violets to remind you of your Grandfather and his days in the old Belgian Congo ........ it's nice to be home where it's green.

Where can you get an English Oak table like this for $150.? Right here! Email me at

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Spell of the Yukon

and other verses by Robert Service ... published 1911 by Edward Stern & Co., Inc. Philedelphia
copyright 1907 by Edward Stern.
This was the song of the parson's son, as he lay in his bunk alone ... ere the fire went out and the cold crept in, and his blue lips ceased to moan, and the hunger maddened malemutes had torn him flesh from bone.

You needn't mope about the cold, buy this treasure for only $100. here!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Daddy built a railroad ...

... made it run, made it race against time ... whoa, slow down, this is only a hobby. Right? Besides, we have no engine.
Hey, that wouldn't have stopped J.P. Morgan.
These are not virtual trains blipping around on your puter screen, these are real, metal you can touch. They screech and rattle. These are what hobos named Wily Jack and Tracker Bill ride on to Portland in. That's an Emperor of the North boxcar right there, Bud. An' watch out fer them steel-fist harness bulls, you be hittin' the grit.

Check out the blue car in the train station then from the rear! Neat, huh?
Okay okay, we'll deduct cash for the missing engine. How about the first $300, takes it all?

'46 Ford

I hear Ford might be going into bankruptcy?
Bad rumours?

Well good actually, it might mean this brochure has huge future value for collectors of old auto brochures. Sort of like killing the artist.

What's new for 1946? I really like that column shift, don't you? And the Super Deluxe coupe is my fave.

Better than the '65 Mustang. Lots more car advertising brochures available.

click to enlarge

Way too many to list here but we've got LOTS of old car brochures. Make an offer good enough to warrant digging them out of storage?

Canada Post mail delivery van

Hurry, before they put the price of stamps up again ... no wait, don't buy any stamps, buy this Matchbox van and delivery your own mail! It'll be cheaper. A
nd your relatives will be glad to see you ............ or not.

Brand new in the original box.

$40.00 each

Or Home Hardware or Texaco or ...


Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's a jungle out there ...

Little metal creatures of the jungle. Lions, Tigers, Elephants, a representative of the World Wildlife Fund, or is that just a bear trying to be a panda? A tapir, a one horned cow of some kind, and .... wait! ...................... up there ................. what is that at the back, trying to look obscure?
Sheeez, I think we've found him, give David Jansen and Harrison Ford a call right away.

Where the hell is Tarzan when you need him?

The lot, $200 takes 'em!

Time after time. SOLD

... some sudden thought, some careless rhyme,
still floats above the wrecks of Time. - Lecky

Some hunters, some half hunters, some key winders, some antique fob chains, some plain some fancy, everything but electronics, LEDs and batteries.

The silver collection.

Gold pocket watches

The Vigilant. Great name for a beautiful watch like this one. We have many more gold and silver pocket watches in the hunter style and others. I can send macro photos of any one and will soon mount a detailed list of the ones for sale.

Gorgeous, Beautiful. Lovely to own. First $400. takes it home.